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Our Curriculum

Our educators provide an emergent curriculum that is responsive to their students' interests and developmental needs. To do so, they observe their students closely and design learning experiences to nurture their curiosity and passion for learning.
A Typical Day
  • 8:30 Free play

  • 9:30 Clean up

  • 9:45 Storytime

  • 10:00 Snack

  • 10:15 Free play

  • 11:45 Clean up

  • 12:00 Storytime

  • 12:15 Lunch

  • 12:30 Pick up

Free play includes...
  • Art like painting and play dough

  • Sensory activities like oobleck and volcanoes

  • Imaginative play like dress-up

  • Building with materials like marble runs

  • Outdoor activities like sand and water play

  • Cooking, puzzles, books, and more!

In our play-based program, students learn...
  • Social and emotional skills like self-regulation

  • Language

  • Pre-writing and pre-reading

  • Math and Science

  • Art

  • Fine and gross motor skills

BB- FOR BANNER-BIG SIZE 2019-1-18.jpg
Self-regulation includes...
  • ​Comforting self

  • Controlling impulses

  • Tolerating frustration

  • Paying attention

  • Following directions

  • Negotiating solutions

  • Playing cooperatively

  • Participating in group activities

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