Welcome to Building Blocks!


About Us

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and caring environment where children, their families and their teachers build community through play.

Building Blocks Cooperative Preschool is a parent-run, cooperative preschool established in 1991 by the mountain community.  We are a program of the Loma Prieta Community Foundation and are operated under the auspices of LGS Recreation


Building Blocks runs a hybrid cooperative program - offering opportunities for parents that cannot volunteer in the classroom as well as a traditional cooperative program.

Cooperative parents participate in the classroom and all parents participate in working committees to maintain the school facilities and functions.

Through the dedication and team effort of parents and our teachers, preschool-aged children are provided with an opportunity for social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth in a happy, safe setting.

Our Philosophy

We strive to make preschool possible for every child in our mountain community.  Our program is designed to meet the developmental needs of each child. We offer varied activities that encourage growth in all areas such as language development, fine and large motor skills, creative expression, social and emotional development, sensory-motor development, and cognitive development. We believe that children and adults learn best through active, hands-on discovery. We also believe that play is the child’s best medium – the way they make sense and learn about their complex world.


The program incorporates free play along with teacher/parent designed and guided activities. Our goal is to stimulate the children's natural curiosity, help them learn to interact with others, assist them in effectively expressing themselves, and encourage them to try new experiences. This will provide them with tools to use in everyday life as well as for their future "formal" education. The heart of our program consists of truly listening to both children and adults. By doing so, we encourage their thinking, creativity, and growth. The flow of teaching and learning is mutual and dynamic.