As in any cooperative preschool, parents are expected to be involved in our school, but we offer a range of flexible options for parents with varying schedules. 

Both Plans: 5% discount for multiple children enrolled

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Plan 1 (classroom participation)

T/TH: $218 per month
9 payments, $1962 school yr

M/W/F: $290 per month

9 payments, $2610 school yr

Plan 2 (drop-off preschool)

T/TH: $360 per month
9 payments, $3240 school yr

M/W/F: $508 per month

9 payments, $4572 school yr

Plan 3 (full-buyout option) *plan 2, maintenance buyout, family job buyout, no snack

T/TH: $474 per month
9 payments, $4266 school yr

M/W/F: $628 per month

9 payments, 5652 school yr

Parent Observation Program (parent/child attend)

T/TH: $110 per month
9 payments, $990 school yr

Parent Responsibilities


Bring a healthy, fun snack 4-5x a year.

  • The family snack schedule is organized and sent out to families, typically a month or more in advance. 

    • Teachers suggest bringing a fruit, veggie, and a carbohydrate or protein when it is your families turn for snack.

    • Children with allergies and/or dietary restrictions let teachers know at the start of the year. 

School Job:

Each family gets one school job, such as doing laundry, maintaining the website, cleaning the gutters, or participating on the fundraising committee.  Hours vary.

  • ​The family COOP membership positions are assigned at the beginning of the school year by a member of the Steering Committee and the Teachers.

    • Families are able to discuss which options and/or expertise work well for them.

Maintenance (buy out $150 per semester or $300/yr):

Either participate in a 4-hr maintenance day each semester (2x a year) or pay $150 per semester ($300/year).

  • Maintenance Days are setup 4-5 times a year, 2-3 per semester.

  • Families sign-up for their maintenance days at the beginning of the school year for dates that work well for the family.


Be present as a volunteer at a yearly fundraiser

Classroom: (Plan 1 only)

One adult needs to participate in the classroom from 8:15 to 12:45

T/TH class:       2-3 days per month

M/W/F class:    3-4 days per month

* This obligation can be met in a variety of ways: mothers, fathers, grandparents, or nannies can be the primary working adult.

* We have a list of substitutes, which can be hired at $70/day to work these shifts.